Sex Education

‘Sex Education for All’ regardless of Race, Gender and Sexuality

Please take action now to make SRE and PSHE a requirement in all schools!


As another academic year begins, schools in England once again have the choice of whether or not to teach sex and relationships education (SRE).

But, with a new Secretary of State for Education and a new Prime Minister there is a window of opportunity to get Government commitment for making SRE a requirement in all schools.

MPs from different political parties have said that they support SRE, but the views of some MPs are still unknown. We need your help now:

  • To find out if your MP would support legislation to make SRE statutory as part of an entitlement to PSHE education
  • To ask your MP to write to the new Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening

If you agree that every child and young person has a right to learn about their bodies, growing up, sexual health and about equal, safe and enjoyable relationships please contact your MP.

A template letter is provided, which will be automatically e-mailed to your MP. The letter is personalised so that it matches what we currently know about your MP’s views on SRE. But to make your letter even more effective you can edit it yourself – here are some ideas:

  • As a young person…. describe any SRE teaching that you have had. Was it enough? Was it well taught?
  • As a parent, carer, or grandparent… does the SRE your children receive at school match your expectations?
  • As a teacher, governor or health professional… are you getting the support you need to provide good quality SRE? What is the impact of the gaps in SRE for young people? 

We have also produced a guide to meeting your MP, so that once you have started communicating with your MP you can follow up with a meeting if you wish.

This campaign activity is part of the SRE  It’s my right campaign:  which is supported by the core members of the Sex Education Forum. The ‘write to your MP’ facility is provided by SEF core member the British Humanist Association.

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