SASH is UK based organisation founded as an initiative to respond to the Sexual Health needs of South Asian diasporic communities in the UK by bridging gaps between policy makers, academics and stakeholders.

Guiding Principles

SASH is built on the principles of social and gender equity.

SASH believes that Health Inequalities are unacceptable.

SASH vision is that South Asian communities are better informed and are aware of sexual health issues and rights in the UK and elsewhere.

Aims and Objectives

SASH aims to reduce health inequities through inclusive approaches by involving communities who are marginalised within the society based on their gender, race, class, caste, migration status, geographical location etc.

  • To engage people and collaborate with other organisations interested in sexual health and HIV/AIDS related issues.
  • To organise trainings and workshops for the voluntary sector and establish and foster research partnerships across a range of providers, stakeholders and communities.
  • To promote equity and inclusion, and understand lived realities of marginalised groups especially women.
  • To reduce health inequities by addressing structural power relationships.
  • To raise awareness on issues related to reproductive and sexual health issues by creating an unbiased broader public understanding of the links between sexual health, women’s rights, gender and violence.