Research and Evaluation: SASH carries out research and program evaluation on pertinent issues and programs related to sexual health and related issues for government agencies, voluntary, charitable and non-government organisations. This involves conducting empirical and qualitative research both within and outside of the country. SASH generates, evaluate, apply and disseminate knowledge about sexual health research methodology and to collaborate with other organisations, universities and think tanks. To collaborate with us, please drop us an email.

Advocacy: Sexual health advocacy and reproductive health rights are at the forefront of SASH’s agenda. We advocate for sexual health rights of disadvantaged minority groups, children, young people, women, migrants and other vulnerable and marginalised groups in the UK by responding to public consultations, engaging with stakeholders, partnering with other organisations etc.

Capacity Building: SASH organise capacity building workshops and training sessions for organisations engaged in and intending to work with South Asians on sensitive issues such as sexual health, and gender based violence. We also provide sex education training sessions upon special request by schools, organisations, and any other agency.